The Ancient Roots of Color Therapy

Chromotherapy has been used for healing in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India for centuries and per usual…..only began catching on in the United States in the 1950s. As BEINGS of LIGHT, the direct application of COLORed lights generates magnetic currents and electric impulses, which either stimulate or sedate the body system and its organs to return to optimum performance. These currents and impulses are the main activators of the hormonal and biochemical processes in the human body.

Color therapy – color medicine – chromotherapy – has ancient roots and is as long standing as any other medicine.

Societies in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India practiced light therapy (Phototherapy) using energy from the sun to heal. Charaka, the sixth century B.C. Ayurvedic physician, recommended sunlight to treat a plethora of diseases. Color medicine dates back to 2000 BC and although people living during that era were unaware of the scientific link between color and medicine, or the biological changes in the body specific colors produced, and used only primary colors, they understood and had blind faith in that it worked!

Color was intrinsic to healing in Ancient Egypt and Greece, and involved restoring balance. Their treatment chambers were painted and decorated in shades of many colors, creating a calm and balanced environment for patients. Healers were sophisticated enough to use the two forms of treatment with colors: direct exposure to sunlight and indirect color healing. Indirectly, they used colored garments, stones, crystals, minerals, oils, plasters, salves, and dyes as remedies to treat diseases. What they didn’t know then was using water to aid the body in assimilating color, which has come to be known as the best remedy for removing toxins from the body.

‘Color is an observable symptom of disease.’


Avicenna was a 10th century Persian/Iranian physician, who charted the relationship between a particular color to physical conditions and temperature in the body system. He practiced color therapy with the prescription that yellow reduced muscular inflammation and pain, red moved the blood, and blue or white cooled it. Avicenna was ahead of his time, and was the first person to establish that if a healer suggested an incorrect color in relation to a specific disease, no response would present itself. He discovered that patients with nosebleeds should not stare at bright red objects, nor be exposed to red light as this would stimulate an increase in blood-flow, whereas blue would soothe and reduce it. (Avicenna created the Book of Healing, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and the Canon of Medicine, which is among the most celebrated books in medical history.)

The roots of color therapy run deep. Today’s physicians have built an invaluable modern practice on the discoveries and work of ancient civilizations.

IntoMeSea uses a harmonic blend of color and sound healing techniques in our True Salt Chamber, color therapy in the Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs™ and white light for neurologically induced color therapy with our Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light. Talk to one of our studio techs or Light Workers and let them know what ails you, so we can be sure you are receiving the color you choose to help balance your system.