Floatation Meditation, Contact Lenses & Sustainability

Wearing contact lenses while experiencing floatation meditation is not the best idea.  Not only can the high salt content of the water sting your eyes, but also salt is extremely drying, causing contact lenses to stick to your eyeballs.  IntoMeSea has been on the hunt for an eco-friendly contact lens case that we can provide to our floaters should they arrive to our studio sans case.

As I was researching options for an eco contact lens case, I came across some interesting information:

First - there are none!  Well…..I did locate some material on a cool one made from Corian created by Beverly Moon, but haven’t been able to figure out whether it was ever produced and if so, how to purchase? (If anyone knows the answer to this, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with me.)

Second - I found out that when it comes to glasses vs. contact lenses - the latter and their packaging creates more waste!  Factoring in the packaging (chiefly zero for eyeglasses), materials and that eye glasses can be repurposed or donated: daily use contact lenses produce just over two pounds of trash while eyeglasses produce less than a pound.

Third:  Bausch + Lomb has partnered with TerraCycle (a global leader in hard-to-recycle waste) through the One by One Recycling Program allowing used contact lenses and packaging to be recycled properly.  Collect all contact lens waste (any brand will do), print their free shipping label and ship….or….find a local drop off location.  Once they receive the waste, TerraCycle will separate and clean the blister packs, recycle them separately and melt the plastic to be remolded into recycled products.

Biotrue contact lenses accepted recyclable waste product

The extremely high salt content of the water in a float tank creates forceful buoyancy, making it impossible not to hover on the surface, however occasionally; it is possible to get some water in your eyes.  Do not rub your eyes if this happens!  IntoMeSea keeps a small spray bottle of water, and a clean washcloth within reach to wash out your eyes.

For all our contact lens wearers: We are still searching for a good sustainable eco-friendly contact lens case (any helpful information on this is appreciated) however, until we locate a viable option, please bring your own case and remember to remove your contacts before floating – your eyes will thank you.