Benefits of Color in Healing

Color is energy made visible.  
- John Russell

Why does red make someone feel energized and another feel anxious?  Light yellow might feel warm and sunshiny to Cornelia, but make Sebastian feel sick to his stomach.  Lavender should be universally soothing, yet some people report an aversion to purple entirely.

Color holds valuable information for healing and it is uniquely personal   There is no right or wrong way to use color….all colors heal…however, every individual holds the key to healing their energetic field and using their own intuition regarding the use of color in healing sustains greater health and happiness.  

The following is a good guide to use in chromotherapy and in each color are many shades containing more specific intuitive, healing information.  Bright colors signify best health, clarity, and wellness; while pale, cloudy or murky colors give an indication of disharmony, ill-health or general sluggishness in need a reboot.  Sparkles and hues of gold and silver add a higher consciousness vibe to the “hits” you may receive about your emotional, physical or psychic health.  By using color in meditation and paying attention to how you feel when you visualize specific colors, you can raise your vibration and become more responsible for your healing.


Red is the color that aids in the healing, revitalization and stimulation of the mind and body. Red promotes energy, courage and power, so much so that it is also used to increase circulation and clear circulatory blockages, especially in the back and joints. Red can be used to ease tiredness and lethargy.   Passion, courage, physical power, vitality.


Orange is a warm, stimulating color to energize the mood and body. It is a great color for increasing mental energy and fostering courage, especially when related to attaining goals. Orange also is a color associated with stimulating the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, and bowels.  Physical health, creative expression and vitality.


Use strong, bright colors when your spirits are low. Yellow is a warm color and known to have a stimulating, purifying and cleansing effect. It is the color associated with mental clarity and wisdom and is a great complement when concentration and intellect are needed. Yellow is also known to clear mental fatigue and re-energize the body and mind.  Analysis, intellect and logic.


Green is synonymous with balance and harmony and associated with bringing energy and balance to the heart. Green is also used for healing, especially for relieving headaches. Green promotes self-love and compassion and when we reach balance we are then able to give love and understanding.  Prosperity, abundance, psychic information, intuitive awareness.


Blue, with its cooler tone, helps create relaxation. It is known to create peace, serenity and quiet the mind.  People suffering from insomnia and sleep issues, to help calm the mind and promote sleep, have also used it. Blue is also the color that promotes the spirit of truth and the ability to communicate your needs and requirements.  Hypnotic, trance-like, self-assurance, trust, integrity, indicate physical strength when color is around the body, anesthetic, soothing panacea, humor, folly, play.


Purple is associated with healing ailments related to depression, confusion, dizziness and other mental imbalances. Purple helps create self-knowledge and self awareness and create greater insights and renewal. Purple also helps soothe mental and emotional stress and encourage meditation.  Spiritual seeking, esoteric study, personal spirituality, self-acceptance.

When the body is in a normal condition, it filters out from the white light or sunlight whatever color vibration it needs.  However, if a person is not in normal health, the necessary color must be supplied.  
- C.G. Sander

A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution, explains how studies have shown that, “Warm colors consistently showed a more pronounced pattern of stimulation. Cool colors showed opposite effects by acting as a relaxant and tranquilizer for anxious individuals, lowering blood pressure, providing relief from tension, alleviating muscle spasms and reducing eye blink frequency. They also proved to be an aid for insomnia.”  Some disorders Chromotherapy has proven useful in treating effectively are: neonatal jaundice, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS), addiction, cancer, constipation, wounds and eating disorders.
We are lucky that there is an abundance of information on the use of chromotherapy available now.  IntoMeSea encourages an intuitive investigation so as to assess which colors are vibrating in your energetic field, and the use of visual meditation as a way to generate a brighter field of health and happiness.

Intomesea uses a harmonic blend of color and sound healing techniques in our True Salt Chamber, color therapy in the Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs™ and white light for neurologically induced color therapy with our Lucia N°03 Light Experience.  Talk to one of our studio techs or Light Workers and let them know what ails you, so we can be sure you are receiving the color you choose to help balance your system.